Sunday, July 7, 2013

UNSC Escorts

These are my interpretation of the 3 types of escorts that were seen on the show. I could not find any official descriptions or designations for these ships anywhere, so I made my own. In back is the Damocles class destroyer. It is designed for ship to ship combat with 2 missile launchers, a heavy laser cannon and 2 smaller laser turrets. On the left is the Triumphant class Heavy Destroyer. It is armed iwth 2 missile racks, 4 small laser turrets and a railgun (on the underside). It was designed primarily for escort duties, however, it can participate in long range bombardment. The ship in front is the Connestoga  escort. They function as small attack ships to finish off damaged enemy vessels. The only escort ship that is missing is what apparently looks like a cargo transport. The above ships are for sale on my site.