Monday, September 30, 2013

ESU Fighters

 Here are the fighters for the last of the four major human factions in the Full Thrust universe, the Eurasian Solar Union. They were formed from the union of the former USSR and China. Since the national flags of both countries are red and yellow, I elected to use those colors to paint their ships. Above is the Kilo fighters, which I interpret as interceptors. Below, we have the Katya, which are the medium fighters of the group.
 Last we have the Kisha, which I interpret either as heavy assault fighters or bombers.

Monday, September 9, 2013

UNSC Retribution Modular Cruiser

This is the UNSC Retribution Modular Cruiser. The show did show us a mix of escort ships for the UNSC JFK carrier. I thought if the JFK was a new design as a result of the war with the Chigs, what would escort ships look like based on those designs. This is my concept for the larger of the 2nd generation escorts. The ship is modular. That means that it can be configured on the fly for various mission profiles. The ship above in configured for attack with 4 laser turrets. Below the ship is configured strictly for missile bombardment.
There is also a configuration for long range attack with 2 railguns:
Obviously, you can also mix an match the above configurations. This ship is available as a kit. Please see the "Ships for Sale" section for details.

Thursday, September 5, 2013

UNSC Tempest Adv. Destroyer

The Tempest is one of the UNSC second generation designs based on the construction principles of the JFK carrier. It is a modular design and can be rapidly adapted for multiple roles. It also has a longer endurance than the first generation ships and can patrol for extended periods of time without resupply.

Monday, September 2, 2013

UNSC Triumphant Heavy Destroyer

The largest of the first generation designs. It is primary armed with missile launchers and a railgun for anti-ship duties. It also has smaller laser turrets for anti-fighter duties. It is the most versatile of the first generation designs.