Monday, July 6, 2015


Been a while since I had time to post. Had the Romulans on my workbench for a while. Finally found time to post them. These are some early casts of the ships. They were based on designs from the PC game Starfleet Command (at least the larger ones were). From left to right, they are (SFC designations), they are the the T'Korex (Firehawk), Thersus (Skyhawk), Vadak (Seahawk), and V'Tir (Sparrowhawk). A Hallmark D'derix warbird and a Talon/Theta escort are in the shot for size comparison. The grid consists of 1 inch squares.

With the exception of the Sparrowhawk, extra parts are included with the ships to make variants. I'm currently working on them and should have additional photos up soon. Ships are available in the "For Sale" section