Monday, October 5, 2015


Reinforcements have arrived for the Cardiassian Order. Previously, for 1:7000 scale, you only had the Galor and Kheldon from Studio Bergstrom and the Hideki that I produce (the Hideki that Studio Bergstrom are nice, however, I personally feel they are way too large for 1:7000 scale). The ships are (from left to right, front to back) the Sartan and Damar frigates, Kheldon (Studio Bergstrom), Legate and Vasad destroyers, and in back the Bralek DN, Rasilak BC, and Galor (Studio Bergstrom). A better picture to compare sizes is shown below:
Again, in front from left to right are the Hideki, Sartan, Damar, Legate, Vasad. In the back from left to right are the Galor (Bergstrom), Kheldon (Bergstrom), Rasilak, and Bralek. The additonal ships fill out the fleet rather nicely. I'm debating whether to make a Hutet, however, there are enough ship classes to create a reasonable fleet. Please see the gallery for more photos. Ships are available for purchase.