Monday, February 23, 2015

Strategic Space Command

Been very slow with the posts because of real life. However, still have plenty of ships to show. Most of the information I know about the Strategic Space Command is off of the incredible website maintained by Winchell Chung. According to him, the Strategic Space Command universe was based off the Lief Erickson model kit. If the kit sold well, a series of other ships would be made.Unfortunately, the model didn't sell well and the universe was scrapped. The model itself survived and you can still find kits today (full history here).

Chris over at Ravenstar Studios took a liking to these ships and managed to expand them into a fleet. I managed to grab a bunch of them during a sale and they are wonderfully detailed ships to paint. Here is the Velbor battleship and the Unicorn battlecruiser.

As for the lighter ships, here are the Mallard and Delta destroyers:
and the escorts (designation XL-15A):

These ships make for a very nice fleet:

If you are interested in these ships, they are available at Ravenstar Studio under the Retro line.