Sunday, March 12, 2017

Andromedans (Studio Bergstrom)

I've always liked the ships from Studio Bergstrom. The have a unified design aesthetic and are reasonably detailed. I've had these ships for a while, however, never had a chance to paint them until recently. They started out with a grey base coat followed by Yellow Ochre. A wash of Barn Red was applied followed by drybrushing with yellow ochre to bring out the details.  Engine glow was painted using a combination of blue and light blue.

The greebles were painted with gunmetal with yellow ochre drybrush, red, and copper. Overall, this was a straightforward fleet to paint with some nice details.

I had fun painting this fleet. I'll need to try out some of the other ships from Studio Bergrstom in the future. Additional pictures are in the gallery section.

I recently received some ships from Dropfleet Commander. Given the level of detail and extreme customization than can be performed with these ships, I decided to document my experience with magnetizing and painting these ships. The first entry is now up (Shaltari frigates). Again, any comments or criticism is appreciated.