Friday, July 25, 2014

Altaran Fleet

There is not much background information on the Altaran fleet. What is know is they are an aggressive race that reproduces rapidly and are rather militant. Their crew numbers are apparently higher than other races, which are advantageous for boarding actions.

Altaran Baseship
For this fleet, I used a red metallic basecoat, followed by a metallic pink drybrush. Guns were painted with steel followed by a chrome drybrush. The hull was high-lited with steel and bronze. Fighter bays were painted black. I used white to represent engine glow.

Fighters were painted in the same fashion. The red metallic paint gives a nice aggressive feel to the fleet.

Friday, July 18, 2014

Quellaris Federation Fleet

The Quellaris Federation was formed from exiles and political refugees from the Earth Empire (which became a fascist state after the Vargans almost wiped them out) and other races who were trying to flee the chaos of the competition for Guardianship. Their fleets are a hodgepodge of technologies from various races and supposedly have a strong economic base.

Quellaris Baseship
For this fleet, I decided to use a gold basecoat and accent with steel. Again gunports were painted black and drybrushed with chrome. Chrome and steel were used to provide some contrast to the hull. For the larger recessed areas, a black was was applied and then carefully repainted with steel. Engines were painted boltgun metal and white was used for engine glow. This better seen here:

Painting the fighters was relatively straightforward.

Friday, July 11, 2014

Kaylon Fleet

The Kaylons originate from another galaxy and are the Guardians in one of the sectors. The are here in the Milky Way galaxy to compete for another Guardianship here. They are supposedly more advanced than the other factions, however, they are constrained by numbers as reinforcements have to come from the home galaxy and can take a while.

Kaylon Baseship
For this fleet, I decided to use blue metallic paints with gold accents. The ship was painted dark metallic blue and then drybrushed with light metallic blue. Guns and port engines were painted in gold. details on the hull (i.e. the bubbles) were painted light blue to add a little contrast. No engine glow was needed in this ship.

Kaylon Fighters
I like the dark metallic coloration of this fleet. It gives a rather imposing feeling to the fleet.

Friday, July 4, 2014

Vargan Fleet

The Vargans were the race that almost wiped out humanity in the Space Dreadnought 3000 setting. If it weren't for the Talliscan brokering a peace between the two races, humanity would be extinct. Even though they may seem like "bad guys" in their Universe, it is not totally black and white.
Vargan Baseship
Ships are nicely detailed and had little flash. I wanted to experiment with metallic paints with this faction. I started with a dark metallic green basecoat. this was followed with a light metallic green drybrush. Details were painted with steel followed by a chrome drybrush. Gunports and fighter launch tubes were painted black. Engines were painted with boltgun metal and white was used for engine glow. I particularly like the fighters as they are asymmetric:
They were painted in the same manner as the capital ships. Another nice fleet.