Friday, July 25, 2014

Altaran Fleet

There is not much background information on the Altaran fleet. What is know is they are an aggressive race that reproduces rapidly and are rather militant. Their crew numbers are apparently higher than other races, which are advantageous for boarding actions.

Altaran Baseship
For this fleet, I used a red metallic basecoat, followed by a metallic pink drybrush. Guns were painted with steel followed by a chrome drybrush. The hull was high-lited with steel and bronze. Fighter bays were painted black. I used white to represent engine glow.

Fighters were painted in the same fashion. The red metallic paint gives a nice aggressive feel to the fleet.

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  1. Hi Ender, this is a great looking Altaran fleet, really like the way you have based the fighters in Two's rather than using the stock Kallistra stands which I'm not a big fan of.