Sunday, March 8, 2015

Retro ships

These are some additional ships from Ravenstar's Retro line. Like the Strategic Space Command ships, they are based off of models produced in the 1970's. This time, the ships are based of the Milton Bradley Star Bird line of toys (descriptions can be found here and here). For this line of ships, I decided to depart from the predominately white coloration (I have too many white/off-white fleets) and experiment with a darker orange combination. I view these ships system patrol boats rather than deep space combatants and the the orange coloration may reflect more of a utilitarian feel to the ships. Here is the main Star Bird type ship is shown above. There was a variant of the Star Bird that was called the Intruder. This is my interpretation of the ship:
I'm not sure what the other two ships of this fleet are based on, however, they seem to fit well with this fleet
On the whole, they produce a nice system defense fleet:
The ships can be found on Ravenstar's site under the Retro line.