Friday, July 11, 2014

Kaylon Fleet

The Kaylons originate from another galaxy and are the Guardians in one of the sectors. The are here in the Milky Way galaxy to compete for another Guardianship here. They are supposedly more advanced than the other factions, however, they are constrained by numbers as reinforcements have to come from the home galaxy and can take a while.

Kaylon Baseship
For this fleet, I decided to use blue metallic paints with gold accents. The ship was painted dark metallic blue and then drybrushed with light metallic blue. Guns and port engines were painted in gold. details on the hull (i.e. the bubbles) were painted light blue to add a little contrast. No engine glow was needed in this ship.

Kaylon Fighters
I like the dark metallic coloration of this fleet. It gives a rather imposing feeling to the fleet.

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  1. Very nice paint job! I've never seen this line of spaceship minis.