Friday, July 18, 2014

Quellaris Federation Fleet

The Quellaris Federation was formed from exiles and political refugees from the Earth Empire (which became a fascist state after the Vargans almost wiped them out) and other races who were trying to flee the chaos of the competition for Guardianship. Their fleets are a hodgepodge of technologies from various races and supposedly have a strong economic base.

Quellaris Baseship
For this fleet, I decided to use a gold basecoat and accent with steel. Again gunports were painted black and drybrushed with chrome. Chrome and steel were used to provide some contrast to the hull. For the larger recessed areas, a black was was applied and then carefully repainted with steel. Engines were painted boltgun metal and white was used for engine glow. This better seen here:

Painting the fighters was relatively straightforward.

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