Monday, June 27, 2011

Jem'Hadar Fleet

The lack of Jem'Hadar ships was the primary reason I started making models. The only one that was commercially available was the attack ship and was considerably out of scale with the larger ST ships that were out there. I decided to correct the situation by creating my own Jem'Hadar fleet in a consistent scale. Since I had a number of 1:7000 scale ships made by Furuta/Yamato and with the assistance of the excellent Ex Astris website from Bernd Schneider, this was the result.


  1. Ender,

    Wanted to say how much I like your JH ships,and a big thank you for making them available for sale.Just need to improve my painting skills before attempting to paint them like they look on the show!


  2. Whats the chance of purchasing copies of these models...I agree they are friggin awesome!