Tuesday, April 2, 2013

FSE fighters

Switching gears to the 3rd main human faction in the Tuffyverse. After the split of the European Space Force in 2101, The Federal Stats Europa (L'Astromarine) formed one of the major remnants of that organization (the other is the NSL). Fleet doctrine emphasizes mobility instead of defense. Offensively, they rely upon ordinance and therefore are susceptible to disruption to supply lines.

In deciding how to paint these ships, I went to the Full Thrust Wiki for ideas. The national flag colors are yellow and dark blue. I did not want to use a dark blue base for the ship as it may make some of the details harder to see. I did have a bluish grey, which I think would be more appropriate for military ships. What you see are some of the results. Shown above are the Mirage IX fighters. Below are the larger Camerone heavy fighters.

Painting was relatively straightforward. Start with a hippo grey (Ceramcoat) basecoat. Follow with a heavy drybrush of wedgewood blue (Ceramcoat). Detail the cockpit and engines.

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