Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Space: Above and Beyond UNSC Ships

I had previously posted pictures of the UNSC John F. Kennedy class supercarrier from Space: Above and Beyond (S:AAB). I thought it was a great looking, utilitarian ship capturing the no-nonsense approach of the military. Near the end of the series, we got to see clips of the UNSC escort ships. The only models of the UN ships that existed were of the JFK supercarriers. No models existed of the smaller escort ships. This is my attempt to correct that deficiency. In the top right is the JFK class supercarrier. In the bottom are my interpretation of three of the escorts that were seen in the TV show. The other two ships are what I view as second generation "advanced" ships. Basically ships that were developed after the start of the Chig conflict that are based on the lines of the JFK. Here is a top view of the ships:
I thought the show had potential. I wish they had more images of the ships as I had to make some significant guesses as to how they were supposed to look. Overall, I am happy with the results.


  1. the show was a great show, though like Firefly Fox screwed the show over. They put SAAB in a bad time slot (Sundays @ 7pm) and didn't promote it, leading to a low viewer base. If they would have moved it to a different night, like say Fridays either before or after X-Files, the show may have had a chance.

    Like you I would have loved to see them show more of the UNSC's ships.

  2. Great work on the UNSC ships Ender! S:AAB was a great show! I wish that Fox had've cancelled the X-Files and kept S:AAB. Much better series.

  3. Where did you buy these from?