Monday, September 21, 2015


Some new ships arrived on my painting table. The Klingons now have some reinforcements to expand their fleet. In Star Trek Canon, the only official ships were the Negh'Var, Vor'cha, K't'inga, and B'rel (I'm ignoring the K'Vort as this is a scaled B'rel). This gives the Klingons a small frigate, an ancient destroyer, a cruiser, and a dreadnought/battleship. Since some of these designs have been in use since the TMP era, I wanted to modernize the Klingon fleet and include ships that could have been built during the TNG era. The results are what you see above. A top view shows the relative size of the ships:

The ships from left to right, front to back are: Kel'Var destroyer, Qa'cheng frigate, B'rel escort (Romando), Riskadh heavy destroyer, Goralis cruiser, Bortas battlecruiser, Negh'Var Battleship, and Keth Ke Se Battlecruiser. I view the ships as 2 generations, the B'rel, K't'inga, Riskadh, Goralis, and Keth Ke Se in the generation just preceding the TNG era and the Qa'cheng, Kel'var, and Bortas are the contemporaries of the Vor'cha and the Negh'Var. All ships (except for the B'rel) are listed on the "Ships for Sale" page. Additional views can be seen in the gallery page.


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  2. Sorry about the previous comment. I solved my own question lol. Anyhow, do you have any closer pictures of the new ships? And in the future are you going to make molds of the Romando BOP's They are priced quite nicely! in the future will there also be sold in different materials? (Like plastic).

    Great work! I will definitely blog this site soon with your permission!