Saturday, July 2, 2011

Dominion Fleet

When I saw the Dominion fleet orbiting Cardassia, I wanted to try to build one. The primary reason I got started in making my own miniatures was to create this. The current fleet numbers 1 Battleship, 4 Battlecruisers (2 U-Type, 2 V-Type), 3 Kheldons, 6 Galors, 6 Breen cruisers, 12 Hideki, and 21 Attack ships. The fleet is not complete as I still have several Attack ships and JH Battlecruisers left to be painted. Additionally, reinforcements are coming from the Gamma Quadrant and the Breen Confederacy. The Alpha Quadrant is going to have a bad day.


  1. Hi, are you still selling those massive dominion battleships? How much is it?

    I saw your posts on Star-Ranger on the Dominion ships. Are you still selling on that fleet deal?

  2. Matgc,

    Please contact me through email or through SCN. I'll get you a price list.

  3. Beautiful work! The Alpha Quadrant is in for a bad day indeed!