Sunday, July 24, 2011

Minerva Destroyers

In Starship Troopers, we don't get to see any other ships other than the Rodger Young and Athena. One would think there would be other ship classes. These are Minerva class destroyers from Studio Bergstrom. They fit the design asethic of the Federation rather well. The interesting part about this ship is the main guns are asymmetrical. Additional views can be seen in the gallery.


  1. What's interesting is it's based off my own 3d model I made back in 2009. Funny, I don't remember giving anyone permission to sell it as a 3d model much less as a physical game piece. This was made for a free PC game mod and is not accurate to the TV show Valley Forge. It is my own interpretation.

  2. It's all good. It was a brokered deal in 09 that I was told fell through so I wrote off. I've been in touch with the company and we're good.