Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Federation Constitution class cruiser

This was one of the first miniatures I painted. I got into miniatures through Amarillo Design Bureau's Star Fleet Battles. Some of the earliest miniatures I possessed were the Federation ships by Lou Zocchi. After seeing numerous painted samples of this ship online, I wanted to try my hand painting one. There aren't that many surface details on this ship, so I looked at a considerable number of pictures before deciding how to paint it. The coloring pattern is based of the painting guide from ADBs website. I added panel lines to the saucer section and some homemade decals for the registration. They are more easily seen in this shot:

Painting consisted of a white basecoat followed by panel lines in light grey. Several thin topcoats of white were added to reduce the contrast. Grey and red details were then added. The warp engines were painted red then orange lines were added to simulate active engines. Decals were then added. Aside from the decals, everything was hand painted.
I even added some details to the underside.
This miniature won one of the painting contests sponsored by ADB when they were starting to release new metal miniatures for their Starline 2400 series ships. I am rather fond of this mini and am very happy with how it turned out.

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