Friday, December 14, 2012

Nemesis Fleet

Zandris IV Miniatures makes some very nice ships in the style of the PC game Homeworld. He also made these ships which have a alien, crystalline look. I have never seen any painted versions of these ships, so I decided to try my hand at painting. This is a small squadron of 7 Yamas and 1 Azrael ships. Painting started with an undercoat of light grey with white highlites. The entire ship then received several layers of pearlescent white and then metallic/pearlescent paint was added to add some color/contrast. A closeup of the Yama is below:
The pearlescent white give a crystalline look to the ships which makes them feel that they were grown rather than welded. Here is the Azrael:
The grey/white undercoating give a nice contrast to the raised areas that is not too drastic. Some very nice ships which, unfortunately, no longer available.

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